A Guide To Healthy Air Quality With a New AC

Thursday , 18, April 2019 Comments Off on A Guide To Healthy Air Quality With a New AC

The new air conditioning systems arriving on the market are quite different from the older models. They contain a range of health and operational features which are fully electronic. A new system can really enhance quality of life, and add a lot of new benefits in the process. One of the most interesting things about the new models is that most of the new designs have been based on consumer demand. That fact alone has driven major qualitative improvements inĀ  technology. From being basic heating and cooling systems, air conditioning has evolved to deal with a range of new issues:Why not look hereĀ Unexpected Health Benefits From AC Units.

-Healthy homes



-Custom settings

-Digital thermostats and controls

-Remote controls

-Energy efficiency

-Green technology

Digital technology has also streamlined design, and improved cost efficiencies for manufacturers, producing good pricing for consumers.

Filtration systems

One of the major areas of advancement has been in filter systems. New filter systems include:

Electrostatic filtration to deal with microbes, spores, dust and pollen

Nanometer scale filtration, an extremely efficient form of filter which can deal with microscopic particles.

Programmable systems

Programmable systems have been the hallmark of the new generation of air conditioners. The entire system can be programmed to your preferences.

Air purification

One of the major areas of demand from consumers was air quality. New air conditioners can deliver excellent air quality in any environment. That’s been a major relief to many people suffering from the effects of poor air quality and pollution.

Allergen control

Allergies are at epidemic levels, globally. Air conditioners can now provide relief for sufferers of the typical allergies of hay fever and pollen allergies.


Humidity, or the lack of it, was a primary problem of old style air conditioners. New air conditioners allow humidity to be controlled.

Energy efficiency

There’s no comparison between the old high cost air conditioners and new systems. The new systems do much more, using a fraction of the power.

Cost benefits relative to services

A basic unit like a ducted air conditioner was once an expensive luxury. Now they’re an affordable amenity, available with very high quality performance, and prices driven by market competition. The new air conditioners are an affirmation of a new and much higher standard of living.