About Containerized Foods

Wednesday , 10, July 2019 Comments Off on About Containerized Foods

Do you like the convenience of pre-packaged foods for quick week night meals but prefer to stay away from the unhealthy store bought options? You may want to check out taking stock of containerized foods for more.

With a little pre-planning and a Vacuum Food Sealer you can make your own convenience food prepared the healthy way you like and save money and time. Everyone knows that home cooked meals are not only healthier for you, because you control the ingredients used, but they are also cheaper to make. Next time you make a soup, stew or chili, make a double size batch and freeze the extra in meal size containers. The trick of using a food sealer with liquid food is to freeze it first. Cooling the soup, stew or chili first is important, then line square container with regular plastic bags (re-use bread or bun bags with no holes) pour the liquids in the container and freeze. Once frozen you can remove the food from the container and seal inside a food sealer bag to protect the food from freezer burn and allow for longer storage time. Using square containers to freeze the liquids in allows for the frozen food to be stacked in the freezer easier than odd shapes. You can leave the food in the original bag used for freezing just don’t seal that bag so all air is removed when sealing in the Vacuum Food Sealer bag. The extra bag will actually assist in keeping the food sealer bag cleaner for re-use.

Casseroles, pastas and other meals can be prepared and packaged also. Again make double the recipe amount and you can either do the final baking or freeze after assembling for the second meal portion. A trick for freezing these types of meals is to line the casserole dish or pan with aluminum foil first, then freeze the meal before vacuum sealing. This allows you to remove the meal from the dish or pan before sealing it in the Vacuum Food Sealer bag and you can use the dish or pan for other things. Once you are ready to use the frozen meal, un-bag it while it is still frozen and thaw in the original dish or pan before baking.

Cookies also lend themselves to this make a head of time convenience method. By doubling the recipe on your favorite cookie recipe and freezing the extra portion, you can have those fresh baked cookies on your table anytime. You can either freeze the dough in one large quantity or roll the dough into balls and separate with wax paper between layers. Rolling the balls in flour or sugar can prevent them from sticking together.

With just some pre-planning and a little extra time when preparing your healthy home cooked meals you can easily enjoy the convenience of heat and eat meals on those busy week nights. Using a Vacuum Food Sealer to help keep your food fresh and prevent freeze burn, means you can build up a variety of meals and use as needed without worrying about its freshness. For the best deal on Vacuum Food Sealers be sure to buy a name brand sealer with freezer quality bags.