Advantages of overflow phone answering

Wednesday , 3, July 2019 Comments Off on Advantages of overflow phone answering

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A phone answering service can help almost any company deal with their phone service needs. Here’s a few ways that a phone answering service can serve you:

1) No more missed opportunities.

If a caller can’t get through to you, they are more likely to continue on with the next telephone number on their list. Unless you’re in a field with absolutely no competition, every missed call could mean more money someone else.

2) Solutions that scale.

It can sometimes be hard to predict success or chart growth. It can be even harder to deal with the growing pains of a company in transition. If you rely on staff alone for answering phones, then during busy periods or unexpected peaks, phone calls may go unanswered. Hiring a temporary worker could be a costly proposition, especially if there is only an unpredictable and periodic need.

Phone answering services can provide overflow calling that will serve as an extra set of hands, picking up calls your own staff members are unable to answer. Going a step further, you can outsource all of your calls to the service, using them as a virtual receptionist at a fraction of the cost of hiring one.

3) The personal touch.

How often have you been lost in a touchtone wasteland? Asked to press various buttons in an ever changing sequence in hopes that you will ultimately reach a human voice? Ever hung up because you’ve reached someone’s voicemail?

Answering services give your potential and existing clients an inviting human contact with each call. Additionally, because the caller is immediately directed to the right resource, they benefit from decreased frustration and the knowledge that they are not just being shuffled through an automated maze.

4) Savings.

Staffing costs money. The true cost of an employee goes beyond base salaries, and includes everything from benefits, like paid time off, to office time spent on the internet.

Phone answering services allow you minimize those costs by purchasing the services you require with no additional hiring. You pay for the services you require, without subsidizing employee down time.

In conclusion, a phone answering service is an efficient way for businesses to ensure that each potential client, customer or lead can talk to a real person, every time they call your company, regardless of how busy you may be, and for minimal cost.