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Taking a road trip across the scenic backdrop of Australia is a wonderful adventure, but one that requires sufficient planning – it’s a tough journey but well worth the trip. Each year tourists from around the world travel to Australia to enjoy the raw beauty and landscape of the awe inspiring outback country. Our website provides info about  this article on the best adventure cars from

While roads in the major cities of Australia are usually well-maintained, those that lead away from the more populated areas can be a bit rough. In fact, sometimes they appear to be little more than dirt tracks wandering from one breath-taking view to another. Steep slopes, winding turns, and uneven surfaces are typical, and while they should in no way discourage travellers, driving in vehicles best suited for such terrain can certainly help to make your great Australian road trip more enjoyable.

What to expect
During November-February, Australia experiences frequent summer rains that can wreak havoc on dirt roads, making them not only slippery but muddy and bumpy and difficult to navigate. At all times of the year, travellers are well advised to pack emergency supplies including plenty of water, petrol, vehicle repair essentials, and a first aid/survival kit. The distance between Australian towns can be considerable and having supplies on-board is an extra precaution that has come in handy on more than one occasion.

The best vehicles for Australian road trips combine safety, drivability, comfort, and economy. A sedan or van is usually recommended for such long excursions – the Holden Commodore is a large, solid, heavy-built vehicle with a powerful 6-cylinder engine that can handle mountainous areas with ease. It is also a very common car and easy to repair with standard parts almost anywhere in the country, so you can drop into any Holden dealer and have your car looked at while you’re on the road.

Similarly, the Ford Falcon has a longstanding reputation for durability and reliability. The station wagon model allows enough room for sleeping in if necessary. Comfort is a given and the gas mileage is not as bad as one might expect.

For vans, either the Mitsubishi L300 is a popular choice. The four-wheel drive feature is nice on roads that can be muddy or slippery. Also, the improved visibility that comes from sitting up higher and the comfortable spaciousness can make any trip a pleasant experience. There is also plenty of room to store luggage, extra equipment, and supplies for those unexpected situations.