Best Tips For A More Sustainable Bathroom 

Wednesday , 10, April 2019 Comments Off on Best Tips For A More Sustainable Bathroom 

The tough housing market, tight lending practices by commercial institutions and across the board depressed economy is forcing more and more homeowners to be more frugal. Going green in the bathroom is one way many have found to save money in their energy and water bills. Many are still under the old idea that environmentally sustainable practices are expensive while in reality it is the opposite. The centerpiece of green bathroom remodeling is to save water and energy resources, while saving you money and us, the environment. Our website provides info about  these sustainable bathroom ideas from

As consumers demand for products that have the twin advantages of saving money and natural resources increase, companies respond by making products that address these needs. Today, more and more companies are jumping into the bandwagon of making green products. The result is that the cost of these materials that are environmentally sustainable have gone down while their benefits have been appreciated more.

With bathrooms, it is much easier to go green than the other rooms in the house. By just following the 1994 water conservation mandates, many homeowners have simply replaced outdated fixtures and reaping the savings in utility bills immediately.

Going green in the bathroom benefits:

According to Mike Nagel of the National Association of Home Builders and Remodelers Council, “Americans spent over $230 billion last year on home remodeling, with energy efficient and sustainable products representing an increasing share of the market.”

Low flow shower heads can dramatically reduce the amount of water used while taking shower.

Toilets that use less water than the standard toilets are becoming more popular. Dual flush toilets save water and have become the darling of some in the bathroom renovation business.

Bathtub and sink refinishing are lees expensive than total tear out. Reglazing a bathtub saves money, time and the environment.

Take for instance, a bathtub. It costs about $300 to buy a new one, but when the price of tear out, plumbing, tile setting and disposal of the fixtures, the price adds up pretty quickly. The price for total bathtub replacement can go from $1500 to $2500, depending on the part of the country the work is done. Bathtub refinishing is done in the bathroom, takes about four hours to complete, can be used the next day and costs about $450. Restoring a bathtub while in the bathroom, saves the energy that could have been used in manufacturing, and transporting the tub to the warehouse, store and to your bathroom. It also saves the landfills.

Going from the standard bulb to a low energy bulb saves money on utility bills. Using recycled or re-manufactured flooring materials saves valuable assets. Paints that are low in VOC have health and green benefits. Reducing volatile organic compounds (VOCs), will reduce health problems, from asthma to cancer. Be careful to use building materials like cabinetry, adhesives, caulks and paints that are VOC free.

Because the bathroom is affected by heat, humidity and chemicals from cleaning, hygiene and cosmetic products, ventilation, therefore becomes very important. Outside air is less polluted than the air inside. If it feasible to have a window that recycles the air in the bathroom, go ahead and enjoy your fresh air. Going green in the bathroom saves money, time, the environment and is a healthy thing to do.