Different Types of CCTV Devices

Sunday , 7, July 2019 Comments Off on Different Types of CCTV Devices

A Closed Circuit Television is a system of cameras that is being used to monitor events in different locations such as shopping malls, banks, government offices, subways, terminals, government offices and even homes. It is mainly installed for surveillance and safety. Each CCTV system contains tools such as cameras, lens, cable wires, monitor and controllers. There are actually four different types of CCTV units, namely the analog system, digital system, wired connection system and wireless system. An analog security system is the most basic among all four types. It is also the easiest to install. It comes with a camera to capture moments, a television for monitoring and a VCR for recording. Compared to other security systems, the analog type is the most affordable. This is because it produces a low image quality. Other than that, its recording capability is quite limited. An analog security system device can only capture few events in a specific period of time. To get more information try out here  types of cctv devices

Another kind of a reliable security system is the so called, digital system. A digital system device uses a computer hard drive or a stand-alone hard drive to store data. This device is designed to convert video signals to digital signals, so that hard drives will have greater capacity to store information. If we are to compare this device with an analog system, this one has lengthier recording sessions. Moreover, this kind of security system is widely used in United Kingdom. So if you want to install such device accurately, then make sure to get a professional help. A wired connection system is the third type of a CCTV security system mentioned above. It comes along with a monitor, recorder, camera and the coaxial cable. The coaxial cable is useful to avoid interruptions of signals caused by heavy rains and other interference source. This is commonly used by small offices and retail stores in United Kingdom. It is designed to effectively monitor small work areas or short distances. The wireless CCTV system type is also one of the commonly used security system. The wireless system uses radio frequency and antennas to transmit information. Thus, the device works best if you want to keep cameras hidden in different locations, or whenever wired system is not suitable. Installation of such device is very easy. You can even do it yourself. But just like any other wireless device, a wireless CCTV system is also prone to signal interruptions and interferences.