LCT-SEO for New Website Guidelines

Wednesday , 10, July 2019 Comments Off on LCT-SEO for New Website Guidelines

Well, no matter what your business and website idea is you should think about using proper SEO techniques from the beginning of your project. If you plan out your site well and start optimizing from the start, you will make life a lot easier on yourself or whoever is doing the SEO marketing for your website.

Many people go back to SEO as an after-thought. Frequently a lot of time is given at the beginning of the project regarding colors, look, pictures, and overall design, but basic seo structure is neglected. This happens a lot when you have a design company make your site who is great at making a site look good, but doesn’t know, understand, or care about making the site search-engine-friendly.Learn more about this at LCT.

Now I’m not even talking about any advanced strategies here, I’m merely talking about the basics that everyone should know. One common thing that I see is a website having the same title tag for each page on their site. Every individual web page should have its’ own unique title tag which properly & briefly describes what the page is about.

Another common thing that I see with new websites is not naming the pages correctly or numbering them. While you may see pages rank well that are numbered, you still have a greater chance of ranking higher for a page that is named after the main theme or keyword in the content of that particular page. Websites that you see at the top of the search rankings which have numbered pages have most likely been around a while and have several other SEO factors on their side that are more important than merely page name. However, you should take advantage of being able to name each page individually to increase your chances of that page being found.

Site structure and the link layout is something that needs to be given thought. You want to organize your site well so that visitors find it easy to navigate. People should always be able to find a link to your home page quickly. Also if your site structure is deep, then visitors need to be able to re-trace their steps so that they can get back to a certain page easily. “Bread-crumb” navigation is an example of good navigation for a deeply layered site. Sites like E-Bay utilize bread-crumb navigation because they have so many categories and sub-categories that you could easily get lost without it.

Something that seems pretty obvious to many people, may not be that obvious if you are new to online business or creating a website is to focus your site’s content. Your entire website should be focused on one main topic. Each individual page should be optimized for two to three main keywords. Don’t try to optimize a single page for six or seven different keywords because it just won’t work. Also, the two to three keywords that you do optimize each page for should be closely related so that you could easily incorporate them into the page’s content or information.

If you have a great looking website, but you didn’t plan SEO from the beginning don’t worry. Search optimization experts are experienced at going back and working with sites that have neglected this, but it obviously creates more work. Most sites can be salvaged and and optimized properly. There are extreme cases where it is almost necessary to start from scratch, but this doesn’t happen all the time. If you are starting a new website, just make sure that you plan to use good SEO techniques from the beginning and you will save yourself a lot of time and money in the long run.