Mobile SMS Marketing For Profits

Tuesday , 16, July 2019 Comments Off on Mobile SMS Marketing For Profits

Statistics show that SMS marketing is the most cost-effective and efficient way to advertise. When it’s coupled with e-mail, IM and social networking, the results will be as much as 30% more effective than traditional marketing. The projected growth in SMS marketing is nothing short of phenomenal, and, there is very little competition. You can look mobile sms marketing get more.

Smart Phones vs Standard Cell Phones

Mobile marketing is distinctly different from SMS Text marketing. While you use a cell phone with both methods, you cannot reach the same target market. It is limited to those with cell phones that can use apps like you find on a smart phone. On the other hand, SMS marketing can reach almost anyone with a cell phone, including a smart phone.

Both smart phones and standard cell phones can use MMS to send pictures, conduct polls and contests, send coupons, utilize QR codes and many other marketing features. With a smart phone, the features are in the phone or apps that the phone uses. With a standard cell phone, the features are accessed through a SMS platform.

Using a standard cell phone is by far the most cost-effective way to venture into SMS marketing. The only equipment you need is your cell phone (actually you don’t have to have a cell phone, your business could be web-based). No special apps, software or any other peripheral equipment is needed. With just your standard cell phone you can start SMS marketing for pennies.

What Industries Use This Form Of Marketing?

Home based businesses, start-ups, small to medium-sized businesses, large conglomerates and even affiliate marketers can benefit from cell phone marketing. Case studies on the following business industries report up to a 300% increase in sales:




-Membership Organizations

-Promotion and Events

-Medical Services

An Inexpensive Way of Marketing

SMS text marketing is far cheaper than traditional advertising methods such as TV, print media, and using billboards. It also can have a greater impact compared to other forms of advertising. One possible reason could be that you develop a relationship with your customer. You can target the target market. This greatly increases customer retention in addition to getting referrals from them for new customers.

Getting Started

It’s easy to get started in SMS Text marketing, but here’s the decision you have to make. Do you want to spend a lot of time sending and responding to text messages? If you don’t, it would probably be more expedient to use a SMS text-messaging platform. All of the tasks related to your campaign will be automated.