SEO Mistakes to Avoid During Your Next Website Redesign-Some Insights

Monday , 1, April 2019 Comments Off on SEO Mistakes to Avoid During Your Next Website Redesign-Some Insights

With the fast emergence of web hosting businesses over the Internet today, I can bet you that it is every web-users’ goal to own a well-designed website, with fantastic web hosting features and overwhelming bunch of web hosting option tools with ample resources ready to attract their potential customers. Web hosting business is very competitive nowadays and it surely requires a lot of additional effort to be able to stay above their competitors in the same industry. In order to sustain their competitiveness, they need to continuously finding ways to attract new customers and to sustain their existing customer base at the same time.

7 SEO mistakes to avoid during your next website redesign

Web hosting is a challenging but yet a very promising business with great returns and profits. However, nothing comes free, it takes a lot of hard-work and commitment for any one website to bloom and grow continuously. One of the most effective ways to gain large numbers of new customers is by enhancing the search engine optimization of one’s website. The objective is for their website to earn a higher search ranking whenever their keywords are searched by web-users all over the world using some of the world’s popular search engines such as Goggles and Yahoo.

However there are some key SEO mistakes which are commonly make by the web-users, all of us should try our best to avoid them any possible way we could.

  1. Wrong keywords are used –

When you say that you are optimizing your site, you are actually trying to get your targeted customers to visit your site by “anticipating” on some of the keywords that your customers will be using to search for your website. Easier said than done, it takes a lot of experience and exposure for one to be confidence enough to tell the right keyword for his website. Most web-owners have not being doing enough research to optimize their keywords utilization. When the wrong keywords are used for your site, you will not be attracting the right group of users. Worst case, you will not be attracting any new users at all.

  1. Overstuffing keywords –

This is just the opposite of what we have in item a) above. Any websites which are stuffed with too many keywords looked suspiciously spammed to the search engines and in most cases, they will be black-listed by the search engines. Overuse of keywords is never a good idea to enhance the SEO for one’s website. A good rule of thumb would be to use the keywords moderately and appropriately.

  1. Too many poor back-links-

Logically, it is true that the more back-links one have, the better it will be for your website for these high quality back-links will bring new potential customers with the same interest and likings to your sites. This stays true if one is focusing on getting links only from those sites with high quality performance and great reputation. Getting a bunch of links from those garbage sites are totally non-value added. In fact, it will jeopardize the ranking of your site as most of these garbage sites are spam sites which are forfeited by the search engines.