Tips For Preventing a Car Accident

Monday , 10, June 2019 Comments Off on Tips For Preventing a Car Accident

According to a conservative estimate, about a million lives are lost every year. This is more than the deaths due to many major illnesses. The tragic part of these automobile accidents is that apart from loss of life, many people survive with severe injuries and they have to suffer lifelong. Majority of the accidents occurring on roads are preventable, if only people drive properly and according to the rules of traffic. There are a lot of reasons for a car accident, and despite what may look like an altogether different reason; the underlying reasons are the same. Most of the top reasons causing this accident are related to human errors, which indicates that majority of the accidents are preventable. Here we would like to discuss some of the reasons that have been underlined as the most important causes of a car accident.preventing a car accident offers excellent info on this.

DUI or driving under the influence is the top reason for a majority of car accidents. One should avoid driving even after social drinking. The reflexes of a person become slow after drinking, and his reaction time also slows down. A fraction of a second delay in reacting to the situation may result in a severe car accident, which is a heavy penalty for driving under influence. Earlier it was only alcohol that was responsible for so many accidents, but today the use of drugs has increased manifold and it has become a contributing factor in a car accident.

Aggressive driving or road rage is fast becoming a top most reason behind a car accident. People have become very aggressive while driving and lose their patience very soon. They do not like when others do not give way, or when someone else is trying to race past them.

Engaging in activities other than driving can result in a car accident, and though what may seem as a harmless, innocuous activity may lead to a fatal car accident. Activities like eating, reading, applying make up etc. divert the attention of the driver from the road and this momentary lapse of concentration may cause a severe accident.

In the last few years, rear end collisions have increased at an alarming rate. This is called rubbernecking and take place when a driver over reacts and applies brakes suddenly, and the cars coming from behind do not get sufficient time to react and collide with the car. Maintaining proper speed and flowing along with the traffic can be an easy solution to this problem.

Though there are a number of other reasons that contribute to car accidents, these are often neglected, but nevertheless important reasons of automobile accidents. If drivers maintain slow and steady speeds and remain alert to the road ahead, majority of the accidents can be prevented.